Cloud Services

Increase productivity and security exponentially by migrating your work to the Cloud.

The future is in the Cloud, and it’s not coming down anytime soon.

Migrating your workstations to the Cloud allows all of your data to be stored offsite in a secure facility. This means you can access it from anywhere, with any internet-enabled device. If a computer has a meltdown or the power goes out, all of your data remains safe and intact. Employees can freely share and edit documents and projects in the Cloud as well, giving your workforce unprecedented productivity
and collaboration.

Computer Consulting Services, Inc can help your business get in the Cloud and stay there with specialized software, licenses, and more. We’ll also take the time to train you and your employees on its use so you can get the most out of this revolutionary technology. Once it’s all set up, we will monitor it as we do with all the services we provide to make sure it stays running smoothly and working
for you.

Benefits of the Cloud

  • View, edit, and share documents on any internet-enabled device at any time
  • Transfer your data to cloud-based servers so it isn’t tied to one machine
  • Track usage and limit access easily so only the right people see your data
  • Work remotely from anywhere there is internet
  • Greatly reduce hardware expenses

Managed Services

Peak-performing hardware, software, and network for maximum efficiency

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IT Support & Consulting

Insightful technical recommendations that improve business processes and employee productivity

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State-of-the-art firewalls and antivirus solutions keep critical assets safe from cyberthreats

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